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Most successful business owners know when to stop growing – it’s when they reach the limit of their span of control.
Of course, that may not be where you want to be, but the hours you’re working, the stress you are under and the challenges you face all combine to say there is a lot of hard work ahead. Much more than you thought when you first started. It’s no wonder that so many people choose to stop, but if your business isn’t growing its dying.
Typically, when you start to suffer, so does the quality of your key relationships – those you have with your family and that you have with your business. It’s estimated that only 4% of businesses survive long enough to break through the $1M revenue barrier. It is probably the same here in the UK.
The good news is that the answer is not to work even harder and longer hours. The answer is, believe it or not, to look at your identity. We need to work on you first and then we need to free up some of your time. That’s going to be time we need for you to work on your business until you no longer need to work in your business. My clients get breakthrough results because they all start with breaking through themselves – a process they’ve all loved. Breakthrough gives them the additional mental space in which to start thinking and acting differently. That difference not only saves businesses, it also saves relationships.
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